What to expect from the Visegrád Group on the EU’s “Clean Energy” package?

Air pollution and energy poverty leading to grassroots mobilisation on energy efficiency in the Visegrad countries. Progress in local authorities on energy efficiency is leading the development of efficiency measures in Visegrad 4 countries, even though national level politics are more hostile...

Energy poverty handbook

A new booklet has been published on energy poverty. This publication presents a selection of case studies presenting various good practices aiming to end energy poverty in Europe. 

Energy efficiency the largest clean economy industry in the U.S

Unlike large wind turbines or rooftop solar panels, most energy efficiency improvements are invisible: They might be folded within a super-insulated building, embedded in the controls of a smart monitoring system, or quietly embodied in a high efficiency AC system. Looking at the job sector,...

900,000 households are planning energy efficiency improvements in the near future

41 percent of Hungarians finished energy efficiency improvement projects in the past 5 years and a quarter of them are planning to do so in the next 5 years – as a research by the Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute found in the autumn of 2016. The most important issue for those living in...

Achieving global leadership in renewable energies

Renewable electricity, cleaner heating and cooling, decarbonised transport, empowered consumers and at least 27% renewables in the EU will bring clean energy for all Europeans.

Putting energy efficiency first: consuming better, getting cleaner

A 30% energy efficiency target, efficient buildings, clarified ecodesign framework and measures, smarter finance to help Europe grow while meeting its climate goals easer.

Clean Energy for All Europeans – unlocking Europe's growth potential

The European Commission today presents a package of measures to keep the European Union competitive as the clean energy transition is changing the global energy markets.

World Energy Outlook 2016: walking the talk on efficiency?

World Energy Outlook 2016 sees broad transformations in the global energy landscape 

The Paris Agreement enters into force

The Paris climate agreement enters into force; 30 days after the threshold of 55 countries representing 55%  of global emissions had ratified the agreement. The entry into force comes just in time before the COP 22 Marrakech Climate Conference beginning next week, where signatory countries...

New study: Ecodesign helps consumers save up to €330 per year

Consumers save every year up to €330 thanks to Ecodesign. This is because EU laws have enabled manufacturers to produce less energy-guzzling products. And if consumers choose a product which is in the top class of the Energy Label, their savings can increase to over €450 per year.