How to boost mass renovations? Prospects for upgrading the energy performance of the Hungarian building stock

2020. 2. 20.

Conference of the MEHI Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute

in cooperation with The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

18 March 2020.

MagNet Közösségi Ház, room Hamvas (Andrássy út 98., 1062 Budapest)

In Hungary, the largest energy consumers are buildings, accounting for 40% of the country's final energy consumption alone. Only with the large-scale renovation of the building sector – including especially the largest consumers: the residential buildings – will be possible to decrease our energy consumption significantly and reach our related national and international targets. But how can we help to increase the scale of residential building renovations in the next period?

At the event we focus on looking for answers with our professional presenters to the challenges related to the economic, financial, technical, social and consumer attitudes that we have to face today in order to renovate the building stock. What kind of tools and solutions are available to overcome these challenges, and what can be done by the specific (state, municipality, business, professional, financial, individual) stakeholders?

  • At the conference we will present the so-called One-stop-shop (OSS) concept, which can have a key role in boosting residential energy efficiency renovations in the future. The main idea of this concept is to make energy renovations human-centred by covering the full service spectrum of the renovation in a one-stop-shop system. What kind of role can have the state, the municipalities, the specific professional organisations and the stakeholders dealing with the actual implementation?  We will explore these issues.
  • One-stop-shop models are already working in several European countries and are more and more widespread. At this conference of MEHI an innovative Dutch one-stop-shop project will be firstly introduced in Hungary, the REIMARKT, which is in actual operation since years.
  • Furthermore, the fresh results of a residential focus group research will be presented about the drivers and the barriers of the Hungarian residential energy efficiency renovations, and the factors motivating the house owners to renovate.
  • Renovations cannot happen without proper financing opportunities. Therefore we will explore the role and the offered solutions of the financial institutions.
  • We can analyse practical examples of the possible motivations and tools of the municipalities to encourage the energy renovation of the building stock in a town or city.

It is a challenge to develop a complex renovation program for family houses because they are fragmented. We therefore introduce a new, innovative initiative, which aims to use the community opportunities regarding implementation and financing of residential renovations.


The above issues will be discussed by our excellent speakers:

dr. Barbara Botos, State Secretariat for Energy and Climate Policy, Ministry of Innovation and Technology

István Gulyás, president, Association of the Hungarian Family House Owners

Róbert Mátrai, Central Bank of Hungary

Reimar von Meding, founder of REIMARKT, CEO of KAW architecten

Gyula Nagy, president, Hungarian Chamber of Engineers

Gábor Orbán, director, Energiaklub Climate Policy Institute and Applied Communications

Fanni Sáfián Phd., research fellow, Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute

Sándor Szabó, grant coordinator, Municipality of Budaörs

prof. Diana Ürge-Vorsatz, Central European University, director, Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policies (3CSEP)

Tamás Versits, building mechanical engineer, Weishaupt Hőtechnika Kft.

Further speakers to be confirmed



18th March 2020,. 9.00-15.00

MagNet Közösségi Ház, room Hamvas (Andrássy út 98., 1062 Budapest)



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