2018. 03. 23.

IEA Global Energy & CO2 Status Report: The latest trends in energy and emissions in 2017

The IEA’s first Global Energy and CO2 Status Report – released in March 2018 – provides a snapshot of recent global trends and developments across fuels, renewable sources, and energy efficiency and carbon emissions, in 2017.
2018. 03. 01.

Energy efficiency has a leading role to play in our distributed energy future

The increased prevalence of distributed energy resources is driving changes to utility planning. Our new report, The Role of Energy Efficiency in a Distributed Energy Future, found that most utilities are not currently using energy efficiency in distribution system planning, but several states are...
2018. 02. 21.

Save Energy, Protect Health: How Energy Efficiency Can Prevent 30,000 Asthma Attacks Each Year

Saving energy can reduce the number of asthma attacks and other harmful health effects of air pollution from power plants, according to Saving Energy, Saving Lives: The Health Impacts of Avoiding Power Plant Pollution with Energy Efficiency, a pioneering new report released by the American Council...
2018. 02. 07.

C4E Forum

WHAT IS THE C4E FORUM?In short - not your average conference. The aim of the C4E Forum is to build and strengthen Central and Eastern Europe’s energy efficiency community. With so many interesting efficiency projects, policies and programmes happening in the region, our community needs a...
Wednesday, June 13, 2018 (All day) - Saturday, June 16, 2018 (All day)
2018. 01. 19.

Avoiding common traps in energy savings (mis)calculation

Inconsistencies in the calculation of energy savings could derail global sustainability efforts, warn Tom Machinchick and Dr. Andreas Hermelink. Together, they investigate the effect of non-persistence in energy conservation measures on meeting the Paris Agreement and other carbon emissions goals.
2018. 01. 17.

Are we rich enough to waste for long? Challenges of renewing the Hungarian housing stock

Hungary, in recent years, has had the highest energy import-to-GDP ratio in the European Union. Decreasing energy intensity and energy dependence, as well as energy consumption is in the strategic interest of the country. The biggest energy saving potential is in the buildings. Encouraging energy...
Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - 09:00 - 16:00
2017. 11. 28.

Parliament lead committee reaffirms support for ambitious energy efficiency policies

Strong signal for an attractive and European Energy Union The Coalition for Energy Savings welcomes the vote from the European Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy committee in favour of a continuation and reinforcement of the Energy Efficiency Directive after 2020, but regrets...
2017. 11. 03.

More than 50 companies and business organisations unite in a strong call for an ambitious and comprehensive Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) to secure and stimulate investments in Europe

The Clean Energy Package for All Europeans is a unique opportunity for the EU to show leadership and consistency in view of the implementation of the Paris Agreement. The most cost-effective way to meet our global commitments, achieve the objectives of the Energy Union and make Europe more...
2017. 11. 03.

BBC: Emissions gap remains 'alarmingly high' says UN

In its annual review, the UN says the gap between carbon cutting plans and the reductions required to keep temperature rises below 2 degrees Celsius is "alarmingly high".
2017. 10. 02.

Are global CO2 emissions still rising?

In 2015, after three years of slow growth, the growth of global CO2 emissions from fossil-fuel use and from steel and cement production was brought to a standstill. One of the main causes was the 2% global decrease in coal burning and cement production - the largest decrease over the past five...