2016. 12. 05.

Clean Energy for All Europeans – unlocking Europe's growth potential

The European Commission today presents a package of measures to keep the European Union competitive as the clean energy transition is changing the global energy markets.
2016. 11. 21.

World Energy Outlook 2016: walking the talk on efficiency?

World Energy Outlook 2016 sees broad transformations in the global energy landscape 
2016. 11. 07.

The Paris Agreement enters into force

The Paris climate agreement enters into force; 30 days after the threshold of 55 countries representing 55%  of global emissions had ratified the agreement. The entry into force comes just in time before the COP 22 Marrakech Climate Conference beginning next week, where signatory countries...
2016. 11. 02.

New study: Ecodesign helps consumers save up to €330 per year

Consumers save every year up to €330 thanks to Ecodesign. This is because EU laws have enabled manufacturers to produce less energy-guzzling products. And if consumers choose a product which is in the top class of the Energy Label, their savings can increase to over €450 per year.
2016. 10. 17.

IEA Energy Efficiency Market report shows policy is a key driver for improving energy efficiency

The IEA’s Energy Efficiency Market Report 2016 shows that the world’s economy is becoming more energy-smart. The global energy intensity, i.e. the amount of energy used per unit of GDP, improved by 1.8% percent last year. These advances would not be possible without proactive regulation...
2016. 10. 17.

DG ENER presents compelling case for energy efficiency policies

Paul Hodson, the Head of the European Commission's energy efficiency unit, presented findings from the EED impact assessment at the EUFORES Inter-parliamentary meeting in Copenhagen and at the Renovate Europe Day in Brussels. 
2016. 09. 02.

EU meets energy efficiency target six years early

Energy efficiency in the European Union is constantly improving. But this could be as much down to the economic downturn as its own efforts, a new study has found. EurActiv’s partner Journal de l’Environnement reports. 
2016. 06. 28.

Small increase in energy investment could cut premature deaths from air pollution in half by 2040, says new IEA report

IEA strategy based on existing energy technologies and policies can cut 50% of pollutant emissions, the fourth-largest threat to human health, by 2040
2016. 06. 27.

Efficient Poland initiative supports new national renovation strategy

The Efficient Poland Initiative, supported by the Institute of Environmental Economics and thirteen organisations and associations, has sent a letter to the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction to demonstrate support for preparing a new the National Renovation Strategy, which is due...
2016. 06. 08.

2015: Stable CO2 emissions in the G20 thanks to energy efficiency and to the decline of coal share.

Based on information for G20 countries, which represent 80% of the global demand, the annual Enerdata analysis shows the key trends as well as the evolution of world markets. After a surprising year in 2014, what do we learn from 2015?Are we moving towards stabilization of energy...