2016. 04. 04.

ACEEE: How much does energy efficiency cost?

Energy efficiency is consistently a lowest cost option for meeting electric demand.
2016. 03. 29.

EIB continues to support refurbishment of residential buildings in Bucharest.

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is lending €19.5 million – the second tranche of an approved EIB loan of €42 million – to finance the second phase of the refurbishment programme for multi-family housing in the Sector 4 municipality in Bucharest. 
2016. 03. 02.

70 European organizations call for post COP21 measures

The following letter supported by 70 companies and business organizations was sent out to the European Council and Environment Council.
2016. 02. 19.

Cold@Home: A journalistic investigation of fuel poverty

Across Europe and North America, fuel poverty is on the rise: nearly 100 million people are estimated to be unable to afford to keep their homes adequately warm during winter months.  EnAct (The Energy Action Project), in association with the Renovate Europe Campaign (REC), presents Cold@ Home...
2016. 01. 26.

Hungarians believe they need EU subsidies to modernise their homes

94% of the Hungarian public finds it reasonable that there should be tenders for EU funds for the energy performance retrofitting of homes — found the national, large sample survey of the Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute and Energiaklub. The large majority of households would not...
2016. 01. 25.

Draft Security of Supply package overlooks energy efficiency.

As the European Commission is expected to release its Security of Supply package on 10 February, there are indications that the texts for the security of gas supply regulation, the LNG communication and Impact Assessment are not yet recognising the significant impact of energy efficiency on gas...
2016. 01. 18.

New toolkit for local authorities to finance buildings renovations

CITYnvest has developed three tools to assist local governments in financing renovations of buildings
2016. 01. 18.

New study available on industrial energy efficiency potential

DG Energy: new study on industrial energy efficiency potential.
2015. 12. 14.

Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

IEA: SMEs need dedicated programmes to reap the energy savings cost-effective potential.
2015. 12. 14.

Renovation in Practice

The Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) highlights best practice in tackling the renovation challenge and argues for policies and measures.