Euractive: Cañete sees gas as ‘a bridge’ to reach EU’s clean energy goals

2019. 3. 6.
Natural gas will remain “an important component” of the EU’s energy mix for decades to come, but its role will evolve by the mid-century to become a “complement” to wind and solar power, the EU’s energy chief has said in comments that has ruffled feathers in the industry.
Gas will play “an important role in the energy transition” and help Europe meet its ambitious target of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050, said Miguel Arias Cañete, the EU’s commissioner for climate action and energy.
“But we will not be able to get to 100% renewables overnight,” he told delegates at the 4th EU-Norway energy conference last week (5 February).
“Natural gas offers the flexibility that can complement variable electricity generation coming from renewables” such as wind and solar power, Cañete explained.
“As such, it will act as a bridge to decarbonise the economy,” the Spanish EU commissioner added, in comments that caused jitters across the gas industry.
More than just a bridge, industry says.
Indeed, the depiction of gas as a “bridge” in the energy transition runs counter to the narrative developed by the industry, which seeks to position gas as a clean energy source in its own right – mainly through decarbonised gases like hydrogen, biogas or synthetic methane.
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