MEKH launches a technical consultation on the newly developed measure sheets of the EEO Catalogue

The Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority, in cooperation with the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers, has developed new standardised billable catalogue cards, on which it is launching a public consultation.

Based on the authorisation of Act LVII of 2015 on Energy Efficiency, the President of MEKH shall issue a decree specifying the list of energy savings from certain energy efficiency improvement measures (EEO Catalogue). The list was published in the Hungarian Official Gazette as Annex I to the Decree 17/2020 (XII. 21.) of the Ministry of Energy, Transport and Communications of 20 September 2021 on the provision of data on end-use energy savings.

The EEO Catalogue lists the types of measures that can be accounted for in a simplified way and which can achieve final energy savings. The data sheets for each type of measure include, among others, a delimited description of the measure; the method and content of recording the initial state and the post-measure state; the lifetime and the rate of deterioration that can be accounted for; a description of the performance factors and the principles for their calculation, the formula for calculating the annual savings; the documents to be submitted and other important information supporting the accounting.

MEKH reviews the catalogue every six months, modifies it as necessary and adds new elements. Based on the suggestions of market participants and experts from the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers, 13 new draft measure sheets have been prepared and some existing catalogue sheets have been completed.

MEKH will make the newly developed catalogue pages available for public consultation, within the framework of which comments and suggestions for amendments to the individual measures are expected by 25 February 2022 at the e-mail address

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