Home in Budapest conference report


The Municipality of Budapest organised a conference on housing in the Biodome on 15-16 May, entitled Home in Budapest – housing and housing. The event featured presentations of the Budapest Housing Agency, the Budapest Climate Agency and AHA – Affordable Housing for All. In addition, round-table discussions were held on current housing challenges, with a focus on Budapest. They discussed the dynamics of the housing market and housing policy, the social consequences of housing problems, sustainability and energy issues.

At the conference Anikó Pálffy, MEHI’s energy efficiency policy lead, shared useful ideas on the possibilities of public and private financing for modernisation, good practices and the importance of professional one-stop-shop advice in the roundtable on Housing Renovation Programmes/Financing. Ilona Illésné Szécsi, MEHI project manager, gave a presentation on energy poverty and spoke about services for tenants (e.g. renovation advice, small-scale retrofits) in the round table “What makes rental housing attractive”.

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