Opportunities to accelerate energy renovations – REC webinar on the experience of European one-stop-shops

Rec Oss Webinar

The Renovate Europe Campaign (REC) held a webinar on one-stop-shops on 21 March 2022, where the Hungarian RenoPont Energy Home Renovation Centre was presented by MEHI.

In the context of rising energy prices and a worsening climate crisis, reducing the energy demand of European buildings is a priority. The technical assistance offered by One-Stop Shops (OSS) has long been promoted in the EU as part of a solution to speed up the energy renovation of buildings. Maximising their potential will be crucial to boosting the renovation of the EU’s building stock to increase energy security and reduce household energy bills.

One Stop Shops also have an important role to play in supporting the introduction of minimum energy performance requirements for buildings (MEPS), and in encouraging the uptake of renovation measures through national recovery and resilience plans, cohesion and other EU funding, and public programmes.

At the event, the Hungarian, Irish, Latvian and Polish national partners of the Renovate Europe campaign and a representative of the City of Warsaw presented their experiences with the one-stop shop. A representative from the Commission’s CINEA department was also invited to provide insight into why and how one-stop-shop systems need to be developed with the aim of increasing the rate and depth of energy renovation in the EU.

At the event, Zsuzsanna Koritár, Managing Director of MEHI, presented the RenoPont Energy Home Renovation Centre, a Hungarian one-stop shop network of consultancy offices, which was established within the framework of the RenoHUb project.

The programme of the event is available on the REC website. The presentations can be downloaded here.

Presentation of Zsuzsanna Koritár (MEHI) about RenoPont – download


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