RenoHUb, our new project is launched

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The overall objective of the RenoHUb project is to boost the energy retrofitting of Hungarian homes by developing an integrated business model. It aims to make energy retrofitting people-centred by developing a one-stop shop system that can cover the full spectrum of services related to retrofitting. RenoHUb project will be implemented between November 2019 and November 2022 under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme. The project will be implemented by a consortium led by the Energy Club Policy Institute and Methodology Centre, of which MEHI is a member and initiator.

Strategic considerations

Residential energy consumption accounts for one third of final energy consumption in Hungary. The domestic residential building stock has huge potential for energy savings. Two thirds of the 4.4 million dwellings are not up to date from an energy point of view. With proper energy renovation, 40-50% of the energy currently used by the population could be saved. Energy efficiency upgrading of residential buildings is one of the means to reduce household energy bills and increase property values, and can also make a significant contribution to meeting Hungary’s climate and energy policy targets. It is estimated that in order to stop the ageing of the building stock, a significantly larger number of dwellings, almost 80-100 thousand per year, would need to undergo a complete energy renovation.

The RenoHUb project aims to

RenoHUb project aims at a change of scale in the dynamics of the energy modernisation of the domestic housing stock. The project will create a one-stop-shop for the energy renovation of residential buildings in Hungary.

The model of the system to be implemented is the so-called one-stop-shop model, which is successfully operating in several European countries. One-stop-shop system will provide services covering the full spectrum of the energy modernisation process for family and condominium buildings. It includes preliminary energy savings calculations, individual assessments and technical advice, together with financing options, model documents (e.g. contractor’s tender, contract), guidance materials, market studies, recommendations of qualified energy and technical experts and contractors, training and case studies.

Why RenoHUb?

RenoHUb is a niche umbrella organisation with a unique role as an intermediary in the field of energy modernisation of residential buildings. It provides personalised assistance and a safety net specifically for the energy renovation of family houses and condominiums.
RenoHUb does not therefore seek to be a new player in the market, but defines itself as a system to support energy awareness in the residential sector.

Who is the project targeting?

Basically, all owners of family homes and condominiums.
According to MEHI’s research at the end of 2016, 24% of households plan to carry out a partial or complete energy efficiency renovation in the next 5 years. RenoHUb’s role is to help these plans come to fruition, while involving more homeowners.

The RenoHUb system is based on two pillars:

a complex, user-friendly Online Platform and a network of advisory offices (so-called Information Points) with a uniform image. The first units of the Information Point network will be created by the RenoHUb Project from its own budget and its expansion is envisaged with the cooperation of partners.

MEHI’s role in the project

There are three major tasks in the RenoHUb project. First, in time, the preparation of and collaboration on professional background studies and research. Second task, the heart of the project, is the management of the work package “Launching and operating the RenoHUb model”, which will not only outline the details of the RenoHUb model, but will also give birth to and launch the Online Platform and one of the RenoHUb Consultancy Offices in Budapest. As a third task, she will be responsible for the communication of the project and the widest possible dissemination of the results.

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