Boosting Building Renovation: an overview of good practices

2013. 11. 27.

End of September 2013, the new French government reaffirmed* its previous ambitions to massively increase building renovation rates, with the overall goal to refurbish 500 000 buildings per year by 2017. 

To help achieve this objective, a new plan was announced in March, the Plan to Renovate the Energy of Households (PREH).

To support the French debate around renovation roadmaps, the French NGO CLER commissioned BPIE to produce a report on successful building renovation programmes, as an overview of good practices in Europe and around the globe. This report was produced to complement a large consultation on the subject, with many stakeholders, from building industry and real-estate associations, environmental organisations, consulting firms and Ministries (Housing and Environment / Energy).

The focus of this study is on existing (or planned) regulation and programmes in selected countries, including long-term plans for building refurbishment, adopted by EU countries and regions.
It concludes the overview with several guiding principles that MS should consider when developing successful renovation plans.

To download the report in English