About MEHI

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The Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute (MEHI) is an independent, non-profit professional and advocacy organisation operating since 2011. We are committed to representing the cause of building energy in Hungary. Our goal is to ensure that the energy consumption of Hungarian buildings is as low as possible through efficient and conscious energy consumption.

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Our mission

The cheapest and most environmentally friendly energy is the energy we don’t use. In Hungary, the building sector is the largest energy consumer, so at MEHI we are working to reduce the energy use of domestic buildings through energy efficiency renovations of the right quantity, quality and depth, and through the conscious use of buildings.

Efficient energy use is partly in the private interest, as it can bring significant financial savings, and partly in the public interest, as it helps to reduce energy dependence, fight climate change and protect the environment. A significant additional benefit of energy efficiency investments is the stimulation of economic activity and increased employment.

At MEHI, we believe that with the right government measures and awareness-raising campaigns, energy consumers can be successfully encouraged to save energy in their own interest and thus serve the public interest.

With MEHI, we also work with the public and policy makers to promote energy efficiency. Our work aims to actively initiate or support any policy, market, business or social initiative that is intended to reduce and make more efficient the use of energy in any form.

What do we do at MEHI?

Energy efficiency is a huge area, and at MEHI we focus on energy efficiency policy for buildings, with a particular focus on residential buildings: they are the largest domestic consumers of energy in Hungary and this sector is most behind in achieving climate targets.

Our activities are carried out responsibly, transparently and on the highest available professional and scientific basis, integrating the latest international trends. As the MEHI team, we are internationally recognised experts in our field: we research, write, organise professional events, negotiate with ministries and consult with market leaders.

Ikon Tudasteremt

Knowledge creation, knowledge sharing: we carry out research and analysis, use the results to inform and educate, develop policy proposals and raise awareness.

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Policy: we support decision-makers with science-based recommendation packages to bring energy efficiency to the fore.

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Knowledge Hub: we act as a professional hub to facilitate information flows and cooperation by connecting actors in the field of energy efficiency.

Ikon Renopont

RenoPont: we have added a new area to MEHI’s typical policy activities, specifically targeting end-users and energy consumers. New residential programme is the RenoPont Energy Home Renovation Centre, a one-stop-shop network of advisory offices that helps energy renovators to get all the necessary assistance (technical, financial, legal). From design to implementation, the future renovators gain all information in one place to carry out a quality renovation of their home in a simple, predictable process, resulting in significant energy savings (www.renopont.hu).