MEHI Corporate Partners

MEHI is in contact with many players in the energy efficiency market to work together to encourage domestic energy efficiency investments.
MEHI's partners are the leading energy efficiency companies in our country.

Benefits of MEHI Corporate Partnership

MEHI is a key player in the energy efficiency processes that will shape the near future, as without professional advocacy the importance of energy efficiency can be lost.
MEHI partners therefore have the opportunity to feed their views into decision-making and tenders.
They also have the opportunity to build relationships with actors in the energy efficiency sector. And we provide personalised information on technical issues.

They said about us

Our key corporate Partners

Knauf Insulation, headquartered in Germany, has been producing insulation materials for nearly 40 years and has an annual global turnover of around €1 billion. The company currently employs around 5,000 people in 50 countries and has 30 factories producing glass, masonry and antifreeze as well as extruded (XPS) and expanded polystyrene (EPS).

Today, Knauf Insulation is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing manufacturers of insulation materials, offering a wide range of products to meet the increased demands for energy efficiency, thermal and acoustic insulation for residential construction and renovation, as well as commercial and industrial buildings.

Weishaupt is an international leader in the fields of combustion, heating and condensing, solar technology, heat pumps and building automation. Founded in 1932, the company employs more than 3,000 people worldwide, is represented in 39 countries and had a consolidated turnover of €483 million in the 2010 financial year. With factories in Germany and Switzerland, Weishaupt places great emphasis on research and development and on manufacturing as much of its combustion equipment as possible in-house to ensure the highest quality.

The Hungarian subsidiary of Xella International GmbH has been present on the Hungarian building materials market since 1991. Since 2005, the company, which became known as YTONG Hungary Kft., has continued its activities under the name Xella Hungary Building Materials Ltd., which includes the YTONG Walling Element Factory (Halmajugra), the SILKA Walling Element Factory (Iszkaszentgyörgy) and the Commercial Office (Budapest). The company is a major player in the domestic building materials market. Last year, the company, which employs around 135 people, sold 400,322 m3 of YTONG and 31,000 m3 of SILKA domestically.
Xella Baustoffe GmbH’s other brands are Aestuver (fire protection boards), Fermacell (gypsum fibre boards) and Multipor (mineral insulation boards). Ytong, Silka.

Our corporate Partners

The Bachl family business started in Germany in 1926 with the production of bricks. After the Second World War, the company grew steadily, from a traditional family business to an international group with more than 1,400 employees.
BACHL’s activities range from the production of building materials, insulating materials, foils, structural elements and slates, through design and construction to turnkey construction. BACHL’s products are the leading players on the German, Austrian, Czech and Hungarian building materials markets due to their excellent technical content and value for money.
Keeping in mind the values and spirit of the BACHL Group, BACHL Kft. started its operations in Hungary in 2002, first in Budapest, and one year later at its current location in Tószeg. In 2012, the Hungarian subsidiary reached a significant milestone, as it now offers a comprehensive solution for thermal insulation, complemented by the products of NIKECELL Kft.

Baumit is backed by 2 family-owned building materials groups with a history of more than 110 years, Schmid Ipari Holding and the Wietersdorfer Group.In 1988, the two former building materials producers entered into a cooperation agreement to market user-friendly, high-quality brand products under the Baumit brand throughout Austria. By cultivating these partnerships, the construction industry has made Baumit the number 1 ‘pioneer’ in Austria. Despite the unified market presence, both groups have remained independent to this day. Since the fall of the ‘Iron Curtain’ and Austria’s entry into the European Union, Baumit has virtually no borders. The enlargement of the EU accelerates the chances and opportunities for Baumit to become an even more secure company. Today, Baumit is represented in the market with distribution and production facilities in no fewer than 28 countries in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe.

Cemix Hungary Kft. (formerly Lasselsberger-Knauf Építőanyagipari Kft.) is a company engaged in the production and distribution of building products in Hungary and the surrounding countries. It offers one of the widest product portfolios among Hungarian manufacturers, ranging from colouring and base plasters to cold finishing products, which enable the use of quality raw materials for both new construction and renovation projects.
The company sells its products mainly through a network of dealers, making them available through more than 400 points of sale in Hungary. The sales team provides sales and professional assistance to direct and indirect partners throughout the country. The product portfolio, developed with almost 30 years of experience in the construction industry, and the expertise of our experts enable us to meet special needs.

Daikin is a leading global manufacturer and distributor in the HVAC (Heating-Ventilation-Air-conditioning) sector. The company offers innovative and premium quality air-to-water and air-to-air heat pumps with outstanding energy efficiency, as well as air conditioning, commercial refrigeration and liquid chillers for residential, commercial and industrial applications. In Europe, Daikin employs approximately 6,000 people and has 10 major manufacturing sites in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Turkey and the UK.
With more than 90 years of experience, Daikin has been a leader from the outset in developing state-of-the-art air conditioning technologies that are more energy efficient and lower in emissions. Over the decades, the company has gained vast experience not only in the manufacture and development of air conditioning and heat pump systems, but also in the development and production of refrigerants.

Our Supporters

ALUKÖNIGSTAHL is a dynamically developing wholesale company, which is at the forefront of technical developments and architectural challenges in the field of building construction. They offer their customers and partners in the building industry aluminium, steel and plastic profile systems for windows and doors, as exclusive agents of recognised brands that are international market leaders.

AUSTROTHERM Ltd. was founded in 1990 in Győr, Hungary, with the
In addition to rapid volume growth in the early years, great emphasis was placed on quality and continuous product development from the very beginning. In Hungary, Austrotherm Ltd. introduced the polystyrene crotch insulation boards (AT-L2, AT-L4), the slope forming insulation (which was awarded the CONSTRUMA Grand Prix in 1999), the slope correction made of expanded polystyrene foam, the EXPERT range of products for use in wet environments, and the special insulation products GRAFITR, GRAFITR REFLEX and ZenitR with enhanced thermal insulation properties. Naturally, product development required further investment, and the necessary machinery had to be constantly purchased. The year-on-year increase in turnover made it possible to start up our second factory in Gyöngyös in 2001, followed by the Szekszárd plant in autumn 2008. In addition to Austrotherm Kft., the group has several factories in neighbouring countries, including subsidiaries in Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Turkey.

HAJDU Hajdúsági Ipari Zártkörűűen Működő Részvénytársaság is the natural partner of families, meeting the renewable needs of consumers with modern, systematic, high-quality and environmentally friendly household appliances.
Their aim is to recognise the HAJDU brand as a regional brand, to strengthen its recognition and to fully meet the needs of European customers loyal to HAJDU products. They consider the high quality and excellent reliability of our products, which are already well established in households, as the most important features of our products, and the extensive and reliable service and spare parts supply as the strengths of our services. The protection of the environment and the minimisation of environmental impact are also important aspects for your company. They will continue to reinforce these characteristics and to this end operate a certified, standardised quality management and environmental management system.

As an international energy efficiency service provider, ista has more than 110 years of experience in the sale of heat cost allocators and energy management services, including energy billing and energy accounting. We operate nearly 50 million devices (heat cost allocators, water meters and heat meters) for more than 15 million customers in 25 countries around the world.
Since 1996, we have also been providing reliable and accurate metering and billing in Hungary, in compliance with the legislation in force, as well as a wide range of meters, cost allocators and other heating fittings, together with related services. Our radio-communication water meters are sold on the recommendation of, among others, the Budapest Waterworks.
In the heating systems of buildings (most of which are ageing) in Hungary with central heating or district heating, our company not only supplies and installs heating cost dividers, but also undertakes the complete modernisation of the heating system of the building in question, according to the needs of the residents. After the heating system has been upgraded within the building, the heating system of the buildings will not only be measurable but also individually controllable, thus making the heating system more comfortable and economical and the thermal energy consumption of the apartments controllable. By measuring heat and water consumption in the upgraded homes and by using our company’s accurate, pro-rata cost accounting, residents can make significant energy and financial savings.

The legal predecessor of the company was the Gun and Machine Factory Ltd., founded in 1891. Since it joined our group in 2010, the company has flourished again. The largest heating appliance factory in Central and Eastern Europe, it is a market leader in many areas and its products are now sold worldwide. Our group of companies is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of heating and cooling equipment, white goods and components and accessories for the largest heating equipment factories. The weapons business of COMPANY has ceased within the MPF Group.

The COMPANY product portfolio includes:

Cooling and heating equipment
Water heaters
Kitchen equipment
Heating and cooling equipment

Murexin has been a respected player in the domestic building materials industry for 25 years, and our Austrian-owned parent company is present in more than 25 countries internationally.
Murexin offers around 800 types of building materials from basement to attic: cold and hot bonding, resin coatings, structural insulation, facade insulation techniques.
We offer you a long-term solution to your construction issues.
Murexin. What lasts.

Pannon Építőműhely Ltd. was founded in 2009, its staff, graduated in engineering and economics, provide energy consulting and architectural-engineering solutions with energy-optimized solutions.
In the field of energy consultancy, the company provides a full service to its corporate, ecclesiastical, municipal and private clients, including the preparation of energy concepts and energy certificates based on technical surveys. It looks at all aspects of operation that can lead to energy savings: architecture, engineering, electricity, water, energy procurement and the human factor, so that you can make the best energy investment. The energy control system enables detailed measurement of energy consumption, so that energy consumption can be analysed and compared, and information is available for automatic intervention and control, resulting in further energy savings. In the field of architectural and engineering construction, his mission is to provide engineering solutions for complex general contracting tasks consisting of several work packages, with a maximum focus on solutions that result in energy savings.

Pipelife Hungária Műanyagipari Kft. is a leading player in the Hungarian plastic pipe and fittings manufacturing market and a member of the international Pipelife Group. The company’s Debrecen plant produces water, gas, sewage, drainage, cable and drainage pipes, as well as five-layer pipes for drinking water and heating networks. Pipelife is committed to promoting comfort and energy-saving solutions through its modern surface heating and cooling systems.

Projectdoctor Ltd has 17 years of experience in energy efficient residential retrofits. We provide a wide range of solutions, literature, events, workshops, technical-financial-organisational solutions to support our clients’ retrofits and tenders, mainly for condominium buildings. In this capacity, in 2016, we were asked by the Energy Club to act as an expert on the difficulties of collective decision-making in the EU project “Improving the energy efficiency of multi-family residential buildings “*.
Our mission is to create energy-efficient apartment buildings where owners achieve real and permanent reductions in energy bills through their own efforts. Where homeowners and collective representation work together in common agreement to create regenerated buildings that generate passive income for owners, but also help society to create more liveable cities and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why we help condominium associations and homeowners with perspectives, solutions, mindset shaping, tangible, practical good examples and implementation that will take them out of the daily grind and help them achieve the success they deserve – their energy efficient homes that are sustainable at half the overheads!
Managing Director Mihály Czabarka: “I became a partner of MEHI because we had a lot of parallel paths. I agree with MEHI’s objectives and I have been working in this market for about 17 years. I agree with MEHI’s objectives and I have been working for 17 years. As we are a small but dynamically growing consultancy, we are mutually beneficial. What we get: professional commentary, opinions, information, reports, conferences, forecasts, analysis on the subject. Why is this important? In today’s domestic public conditions, it is not at all trendy, not business and not sexy to approach energy efficiency. But this is where the future lies from a business and sustainability perspective! Finally, there is a community (of professionals and not only of amateurs) that is going down this path!”

Ravago Building Solutions Hungary Kft. manufactures and distributes long-lasting and reliable thermal insulation products using the most modern extrusion technology and a strict quality assurance system. Our company manufactures the blue-coloured RAVATHERM™ XPS extruded polystyrene foam thermal insulation boards, a well-known and respected brand in the building industry. At the end of the extrusion process, the production process results in a homogeneous closed-cell material structure with thermal insulation properties and durability that will last for the lifetime of the building.
RAVATHERM XPS thermal insulation contributes to significant energy savings and increases the comfort of the building.

One of the main missions of the National Resin Zeroing Programme is to promote the widespread use of renewable energy technologies. Our aim is to encourage the majority of the population to switch to green energy as soon as possible. Today, this is not only a financial issue, but also a matter of future sustainability.
How do we help the transition?
We offer a complex, step-by-step, risk-free and highly professional approach, with the necessary experts and product range available from anywhere in the country.
In order to ensure a smooth and transparent transaction, we have created our unique and innovative development, the Resin Rolling Process Management Web Office.

Somfy is a French group of companies founded in 1969 in Cluses. In that year, it created the first tubular motor, thus ushering in a new era in the world of electric shutter motors, awnings and sunshades. Thanks to its continuous development, it created, alongside the roller shutter motor, the motorisation of garage and garden gates. Today, his devices allow you to control more than 200 compatible devices from your phone or tablet. Somfy works with global brands such as Velux, Schneider, LG, Philips.
Somfy has remained true to its values and has grown to become a market leader in home automation, with a presence in around 60 countries and more than 100 million motors sold worldwide. For 50 years, the Somfy Group has been working to create a better quality of life for millions of people around the world. Thanks to its development, it has been providing a complete automation solution for residential and industrial/office buildings since the creation of the first tubular motor. By using its products, we can make our lives more comfortable, safer and save energy.  Somfy pays particular attention to the environment in the manufacture of its products.

Stiebel Eltron has been developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art building services and electrical systems and appliances to the highest technical standards since 1924. Today, the family-owned company has grown into a world-renowned company with thousands of employees. Its expertise and experience are reflected in numerous patents and top-quality energy-saving systems.
The German company started to turn to renewable energy sources in the 1970s.

  • The main product groups are:
  • Heat pump
  • Solar collector
  • Solar panels
  • Heat recovery ventilation
  • Solar thermal Solar hot water generators
  • Electric heating

The company, which has been present in Hungary for more than 20 years, offers service, technical advice, a warehouse and a showroom for its partners and interested parties.

Uponor has been manufacturing piping systems since 1965 and is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers. The company employs 4,000 people, is present in over 100 countries and has an annual turnover of over €1,000 million. Uponor has been providing radiant heating and cooling, radiator, water supply and district heating solutions to its customers in Hungary for more than 20 years. Their applications are sold with system warranty through our wholesale partners.
Their continuous development results in energy efficient products, taking into account environmental protection and sustainable development. Their aim is to create a better human environment with quality in mind.

Vaillant brand products have been available in Hungary since 1904. Initially, the factory in Germany supplied the Hungarian market directly, but since 1992 we have been supplying the local market through the Vaillant Group’s own subsidiary, Vaillant Hungária Kft., and since 1 July 2006 through Vaillant Saunier Duval Kft. The results of Vaillant’s development activities are available on the Hungarian market within a short period of time through the subsidiary, and our product policy places particular emphasis on energy saving and the use of renewable energy sources, and thus on environmental protection. This is why Vaillant’s product range includes a wide range of condensing boilers and solar collectors, together with a high level of complex control and system design.