Activities in Hungary

MEHI is engaged in outlining policy proposals, delivering policy advices, carrying out researches and participating in national and international professional projects.
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MEHI research and analysis


Hungarian Renovation Wave

In 2021, the Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute prepared a study on the energy modernisation potential of residential buildings in Hungary and an analysis of the impact of certain support instruments. The study is based on a representative residential survey, which examined the willingness of Hungarian homeowners to renovate and their sensitivity to the introduction of certain subsidy and incentive instruments.


Research carried out in the framework of the RenoHUb project

MEHI is the promoter and consortium member of the RenoHUb H2020 project. Within the project, MEHI has contributed to a number of gap-filling research projects:


MEHI residential surveys

In autumn 2016 and autumn 2020, MEHI conducted a representative survey of the population: the research aimed to assess the market for residential energy efficiency products and to map consumer attitudes. The survey covered residential investments in the last five years and investment plans for the near future. The analysis also provided an estimate of the size of the market for the main elements of residential energy efficiency retrofit in Hungary and the level of investment intentions over the next 5 years.


Energy Efficiency Market Sentiment Reports

MEHI is working in partnership with the energy efficiency sector to increase the number of energy efficiency investments in Hungary. MEHI has been asking companies in the energy efficiency sector about their annual business performance and results since 2015.

MEHI policy proposals and opinions

MEHI believes that in cooperation with decision-makers, by adapting international best practices and by channelling the most important proposals of domestic energy efficiency stakeholders, a substantial change can be achieved in Hungary in the field of energy renovation and energy efficiency improvement of domestic residential buildings. To this end, MEHI prepares, at the request of decision-makers and civil society organisations, and in the framework of certain projects or independently, the opinion and analysis of current policy measures, plans and strategies, and prepares its own policy proposals and recommendations.

Grant projects

MEHI has become increasingly active in recent years in national and international research projects through proposals.

European Climate Foundation (ECF) projects

  • a grant project awarded in 2021 will prepare a study on the systemic development of energy efficiency in domestic buildings (energy efficiency as a first principle, financing, subsidy options, private capital, systemic barriers to renovation, development of the energy efficiency obligation system). The MEHI website was also renewed in the framework of the grant project.
  • In 2022, we started a project on energy poverty in Hungary together with Habitat for Humanity Hungary.
  • Also in 2022, we started an international project on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).


RenoHUb projekt

In 2019, the RenoHUb project was launched with MEHI as one of the five Hungarian consortium partners, aiming to establish the scientific basis  and design a business model for the first Hungarian one-stop-shop energy renovation consultancy office network, and to open the first offices. The project will run until 2023, but we are working to ensure that the RenoPont Energy Home Renovation Centre offices will continue to operate after that date. For more information, please visit the RenoHUb website or the RenoPont site at MEHI’s website.

MEHI professional events

Every year MEHI organises small and large events: conferences, workshops and webinars on energy efficiency issues, which are highly appreciated and recognised by the industry. These events either cover a specific topic through presentations by representatives from a variety of fields (policy makers, academia, banking, manufacturers, municipalities, etc.) or present a recent MEHI research result.