Our team

Horvatharon V2
Áron Horváth, PhD.
managing director
Áron Horváth is an analytical economist. He graduated from the Corvinus University of Budapest and obtained his PhD degree. In 2010 he founded ELTINGA, where he conducts real estate market research and analysis for domestic and foreign clients. The research centre has carried out a number of pioneering energy-related analyses in Hungary: on the impact of modernisation on house prices, on renovation opportunities, on the Hungarian housing stock. After previous joint work with MEHI, Áron won the post of MEHI CEO in 2023 following an open tender.
Aniko Palffy
Anikó Pálffy
energy efficiency policy lead
Anikó Pálffy joined MEHI in October 2020, and she is Energy Efficiency Policy Lead from 2023. After graduating in economics from the Budapest University of Economics and Business Administration, she received a degree in public policy from SUNY Albany Rockefeller College in New York State. From 2004 to 2007, she worked as an energy regulatory and green energy expert at the Ministry of Economy and Transport, and from 2010 as an electricity market analyst at the Hungarian Energy Office. Between 2015 and 2020, she was involved in energy efficiency at the Hungarian Energy and Utility Regulatory Office: she was responsible for international energy efficiency projects (e.g. Odyssee Mure, Ensmov) and contributed to the preparation of policy decisions, analyses and studies related to the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive in Hungary. At MEHI, several national and international energy efficiency projects have been carried out under her professional leadership, and studies and analyses related to the energy efficiency obligation system (EEOS) can also be attributed to her.
Szecsi Ilona
Ilona Illésné-Szécsi
project leader
She graduated from Corvinus University of Budapest with a degree in Economics, majoring in Environmental Economics. He studied for 1 year at the Mannheim University of Economics. He worked for 5 years in the construction industry, assisting the Hungary Green Building Council, and then at the National Adaptation Centre, where she was involved in climate strategies and awareness raising activities. She worked at the Climate Policy Department of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology and then as financial manager of a LIFE Nature project. She has been working at MEHI since 2020, leading the RenoPont Energy Home Renovation Centre one-stop-shop advisory network set up in the RenoHUb project, the AHA Budapest affordable housing project, as well as other expert and communication tasks.
Borocz Barbara
Barbara Böröcz
partnership associate
She graduated from the University of Pécs, specialising in spatial and urban development. Her main research interests included sustainable development, renewable energy sources and their impact on job creation. She practiced at the Pécs Resource Centre and at the Rural Development Department of the Municipality of Keszthely. Her tasks include event preparation, project administration and research related to the studies.
Adrienn Tóth
Adrienn Tóth
RenoPont coordinator and sustainability expert
She holds a degree in economics from Corvinus University of Budapest and a degree in sustainable development from Pannon University in Veszprém. She specialises in the study of embedded carbon, but is also actively involved in the further development of the RenoPont Energy Home Renovation Centre and in writing studies. Adrienn as a member of MEHI welcomes all those planning energy renovation in the offices of RenoPont Energy Home Renovation Centre in Budapest VIII. district. Further information and appointment booking: renopont.hu