Residential energy renovation: RenoPont

MEHI is the mastermind behind the RenoPont platform, the hungarian one-stop-shop model for renovation technical assistance, and contributes a decade of professional experience and a network of contacts to the RenoPont website and network of offices. It supports the RenoPont project by providing professional background studies and research, creating the RenoPont website, opening and operating two offices in Budapest and disseminating the results as widely as possible.

Would you like to renovate your home?


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The benefits of energy renovations:

  • save energy and money
  • a comfortable home: cool in summer, warm in winter
  • nicer, quieter, healthier home
  • increasing property value (up to 40-50 %)
  • energy renovation of your home is a huge step towards protecting the environment and the climate

Useful content on

  • the concept and benefits of deep renovation
  • staged renovation, suggested retrofitting sequence
  • specialist database
  • financial subsidies and other options
  • energy savings calculator
  • best practices
  • product selection guide
  • document library
  • glossary

RenoPont services:

  • first, free consultation
  • energy audit with renovation plan
  • financial advice
  • selection of professionals
  • ect management, technical inspection
  • complex, turnkey construction, condominium consultancy
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