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Buildings energy use in Hungary

What do we do?

Building sector is the main energy consumer in Hungary, ahead of the industrial and transport sectors.

When it comes to energy efficiency, one of the biggest potential savings in Hungary is in residential buildings. A deep energy renovation wave of 100-130 thousand residential buildings per year would be needed to renew the Hungarian building stock.

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Hungarian policy

All about national energy efficiency and building trends

MEHI keeps up to date with national and EU energy efficiency and building energy policies – strategies, plans, directives, legislation – and here we have summarised the most important information.

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For home renovators

Save money and energy with RenoPont!

RenoPont is a one-stop-shop for energy retrofit planners, providing all the technical, legal and financial information they need in one place, making the process simple and predictable. For more information on RenoPont (created by RenoHUb project), read more on MEHI/RenoPont or visit the RenoHUb project website directly. (

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