New Director at MEHI

From July 2022, Szabolcs Mizsei, energy economist, will take over the executive management of MEHI.

Between 2002 and 2006 Szabolcs worked as a permanent expert at the Telecommunications and Information Technology Committee of the National Assembly. After that, he gained 4 years of experience in corporate management at Magyar Telekom. From 2016, he worked as an innovation consultant at MVM and later as head of the innovation department. Since its foundation, he was a member of the Supervisory Board of MVM’s energy incubation house, the Smart Future Lab, for 2 years.

For the previous 5 years he was a senior consultant and training manager at the Kürt Academy. He is president of the Graduate Society of the Széchenyi István Széchenyi College at Corvinus University. He specialises in public policy programme analysis, agile management and digital platform development. In addition to providing operational support to MEHI’s high-level professional work, his personal goal is to expand research and client-focused services.


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