One year of the RenoHUb project!

Renohub One year

The overall objective of the RenoHUb project is to boost the energy modernisation of Hungarian homes by developing an integrated business model. It aims to make energy renovation people-centred through the development of a one-stop-shop system that can cover the full spectrum of services related to renovation. The project is implemented by a consortium led by the Energy Club Policy Institute and Methodology Centre, of which MEHI is a member and initiator.

Who are we?

In the RenoHUb project, five Hungarian expert organisations have joined forces to create the country’s first and only one-stop-shop network of advisory offices. In a 3-year Horizon 2020 project RenoHUb is to support and encourage the energy efficiency renovation of family houses and condominiums in Hungary.

What does the RenoHUb project want?

The RenoHUb project is not just about energy saving and climate protection: our goal is to make every home a pleasant, comfortable, economical, environmentally friendly and healthy!

What is a one-stop shop?

It is modelled on the one-stop-shop model that is already operating successfully in several European countries. The one-stop-shop system provides services to support the energy modernisation process of family homes and condominiums through a free online platform and advisory offices, guiding the renovator from design to implementation.

What services does RenoHUb offer and when can I start using them?

With the support of independent, proven professionals, we help you make decisions on the most important aspects of your renovation. Through our online platform (interactive website), we provide information on what to expect during the renovation process, what to look out for and what products to choose. The online calculator helps with preliminary savings estimates, but you can also get technology- and brand-independent advice in person at the office. Downloadable templates (e.g. contractor tenders, contracts), information leaflets and references can also help you with the next steps. From our database of experts, you can choose qualified professionals who will draw up a technical design based on the client’s needs and the possibilities of the apartment/house. To implement the plan, you can choose from our database of verified, reliable and professional craftsmen, whose work we check – nothing can go wrong, we ensure good value for money, quality renovation!

The first two offices will open in 2021, in Budapest and Nagykanizsa.

What has happened in a year?
The first year in figures

Renohub One year in numbers

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