Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute (MEHI)

Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute (MEHI) is a non profit analytical and advocacy organization, closely co-operating with all companies interested in the energy efficiency market. Its main goal is to encourage energy efficiency investments by assisting and inciting government actions, and also by informing both the consumers and market players. It has been a clear recognition at establishing MEHI that energy efficiency is not only a common concern, but a clear business interest for many market players as well; the key energy efficiency enterprises of Hungary are among the main partners of MEHI.

2017. 10.02.

Are global CO2 emissions still rising?

In 2015, after three years of slow growth, the growth of global CO2 emissions from fossil-fuel use and from steel and cement production was brought to a standstill. One of the main causes was the 2% global decrease in coal burning and cement production - the largest decrease over the past five decades, apart from recessions. The global decrease in CO2 emissions from coal use was offset by increasing emissions from the combustion of natural gas and oil products.  

2017. 09.21.

eceee publishes guide on energy efficiency in the Clean Energy Package

Eceee, the European council for an energy efficient economy, has published a procedural guide to aid people in understanding the current developments of the Clean Energy Package process. The study presents major outstanding issues and goes through the updated legislative content. The briefing concentrates especially on the EED and EPBD but also includes information on energy efficiency related questions in other files of the package.  

2017. 09.20.

Eurostat clarifies how to record energy performance contracts in national accounts

EU lifts one key barrier for public investments in energy efficiency, easing adoption of ambitious 2030 targets and Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Commission, has published today an updated guidance note on the recording of energy performance contracts (EPCs) in government accounts. 


An engine for growth and jobs: EU Funds for energy efficiency

2013. 11. 6

Corinthia Hotel Budapest

International conference on new funding mechanisms for energy efficiency investments under the EU Structural Funds 2014-2020(6-7...