Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme in the residential sector

The joint workshop of the MEHI and the ENSMOV Plus project on the opportunities provided by the Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (EEO) in the residential sector took place with over sixty participants.

In the first half of the workshop, we heard French, Italian and Polish experiences about how the EEO contributes to achieving energy savings in the residential sector in these countries, primarily in the field of building renovations, with a special focus on the key factors for reaching residential customers and the means for aggregating energy savings from small projects for exercises.
In the second part of the workshop, a panel discussion took place with the participation of Hungarian EEO obligees, where we talked about the peculiarities of the Hungarian system, the results achieved so far, and the possibilities for the development of residential projects. Among the audience, obligees, auditors, solution providers, municipalities, tender writers, and energy experts participated and contributed to the dialogue with their questions.

1-1 ENSMOVPlus_CAEED stakeholder workshop March 2024_Residential EEOS measures


1-3_Italian experience FIRE Di Santo


2-1 ENSMOV Plus The role of energy managers in Italian EEOS

2-2_Technical working group in France


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