Energy poverty in Mátraterenye

Epah Mátraterenye Címlap

Within the framework of the EPAH technical assistance project, the Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute (MEHI) provided professional advice to the municipality of Mátraterenye to identify and alleviate energy poverty. As a result of the project, the municipality will have a clearer picture of energy poverty in the municipality, which will help to take more targeted measures.

To address the energy poverty of the municipality in the long term, a sound strategy is needed to be able to take the right interventions. The project has identified that the main target groups are the segregated population, the elderly and large families, and that targeted programmes and awareness-raising and information on cleaner heating methods would be needed. Each measure should be accompanied by financial resources, with appropriate targets and deadlines.

Renovating the worst performing buildings, making energy-poor homes and equipment more efficient, creating energy communities and providing renewable energy in deprived areas are just some examples of the opportunities. As a large proportion of housing is privately owned and owners do not have sufficient savings, most residents are unable to finance renovations on their own. There is a high proportion of detached houses and solid fuel heating is widespread among the low-income population. It would be important to launch targeted programmes in disadvantaged regions, so that the renovation of buildings, heating modernisation and the creation of energy communities not only help to meet climate protection targets, but also improve employment, the health of local residents and their performance at school and at work.

The study can be downloaded in Hungarian: Mátraterenye_EPAH_fin

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